Telepath is a versatile psi class with the strongest summon (psi entity) that deals substantial damage.  Telepaths have the ability to stun enemies, which temporarily leaves them unable to move or attack.  A veteran telepath can also use the stun spell to manage enemy aggro.  This is especially useful when bossing, and aggro needs to be managed in order to keep the group alive and in the fight.  Other support the Telepath offers is the ability to "disrupt" there enemies which removes spells to make them weaker, ability to "slow" there enemies causing a delayed weapons fire rate, and "compromise" there enemies making them more suceptible to attack.  A telepath can also evolve all summons, making them more powerful and durable.

Pros: Fast kills, high summon damage, extremely useful in high level boss fights, reset enemy aggro

Cons: Weaker damage mitigation when taking hits

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