Quick Start Guide

Class/race Breakdown


==== Pyro (Launcher and Beams) ==== Fire bolt is the majority of what you should be casting, Decimate only on mobs above 15k life.  Fire Nova is good for clearing low level enemies quickly but is not efficient for normal damage. Has defense, haste, and random proc damage buffs as well as amplify, which boosts primary abilities by 30%.

==== Smuggler (Launcher and Disrupters) ==== High burst damage with ambush. Remember to ambush in combat anytime your cloaking device is up. Has haste and offense buffs, and some debuffs.


==== Mercenary (Fighter Bays and Disrupters) ==== Your job is to take damage so others don’t.


==== Telepath (Launcher and Beams) ==== Strongest Psi entity, provides lots of crowd control as well as debuffs

==== Telekinetic (Launcher and Beams) ==== Provides buffs, also provides a summon for the party. Can be geared as a tank, however, generally the group summon is more useful.

==== Engineer (Bolts, Launchers at T9) ==== Healer. You keep the group alive.


=== Important Levels === At tier 0, stat point every 5 levels. Tier 1+ stat point at every 10

Lvl 20, 3 weapons

Lvl 40, 4 weapons

Multi Experience.

Enemies can give up to 6 TIMES (referred to as 6x) normal experience based on how long they have been alive. This is tracked based on how many times the light blue text appears in your chat log on a kill.  It takes roughly 6 hours for a zone to return to 6x experience from a clear. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON SINGLE EXP MOBS

Note: You can only group with other players who are within 80% of your current level. I.E. at level 90, the lowest that can group with you is level 72.

Useful Commands


Tells you what zones are proper for you to be killing in while leveling


Tells you what spells are unlocked for your class as you increase in skill.


Tells who you can group with at your current level. To group with a lvl 90 you must be lvl 72. 80% of the party leaders’ level.


Lists everyone currently online

/query (planet name)

Tell the coordinates of the planet. Useful when tracking bounties

/item (item number)

Tells you the stats of an item, as well as it’s sell value


Sends messages to the shout (yellow) channel


Sends messages to the clan channel


Gives you a random Chuck Norris fact

/locker (or shift+L)

Opens your locker in starbase


Opens the galaxy map while in open space


Does a detailed scan of selected planet or asteroid


Returns you to the hall of restoration

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