Hostile Space Wiki

Masters of energy, Pyrokinetics are able to draw power from the Pyrokinetic psions.


When playing a Pyro, be it solo or in a group the playstyle is fairly straight forward. Keep your buffs up, and cast fire bolt. When fighting enemies in a group, do not burn, as you will steal agro. Only cast Decimate on targets with more than 20,000 hull left. Saying again for emphasis, ONLY CAST DECIMATE ON ENEMIES WITH MORE THAN 20,000 HULL, any less is a dps loss.


Action Skill Psi Cost Effect
Fire Bolt 1 15 Direct damage
Flame Shield 4 50 +Defense
Energize 8 60 +Max power
Power Drain 12 70 Drains power
Recharge 12 30 +Power regen
Burn 16 40 Damage over time
Inferno 24 50 Randomly casts Fire Bolt
Decimate 27 200 Deals up to 10% of enemy's hull in damage
Transfer Crew 30 250 Transfers crew to target from the Pyro
Amplify 40 300 Increases main class abilities by 30%
Catalyst Aura 40 100 +Haste
Fire Nova 40 340 Area of effect direct damage
Flame Barrier 40 100 +Defense (more than Flame Shield)
Amplification Aura 60 400 Area of effect buff, 20% to main class abilities
Medical Advice 64 110 +Medicine
Celerity 75 375 +10 Dexterity
Hellfire 75 250 Randomly casts a stronger Fire Bolt

Stat Priority

At T9-90

Having a balance of Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity will not lead you astray. However, an emphasis in Dex and Str is preferred for higher DPS and less interruptions to casting.