The mining skill is required to harvest ores from asteroids that spawn in systems across the game,

Raising this skill will both increase the amount harvest and lower the chance to destroy the asteroid.

Each asteroid have a level that will give you a idea of the skill level needed to successfully mine the asteroid, while you will have a chance to fail to harvest at any skill level you will fail less with a higher skill level.

As with most skills, you can obtain weapons that will contain a skill crystal that increases mining, as these increase your skill level many players seek to obtain a set of weapons with +mining

Mine example


Detailed scan example

There are 2 ways to learn what ore an asteroid contains.

  1. you can simply mine the asteroid.
  2. you can do a detailed scan.

scanning can be accomplished by setting the action to a keybind or by typing /detailed scan (/ds works as well) into the chat.


To harvest ore from asteroids you can use the mine action by either setting it to a keybind or typing /mine (/m also works) into chat.

Asteroids spawn within 10 levels of the mobs average level and systems that have no mobs can spawn asteroids of any level.

An example of this would be the Thuban system which has mobs level 16-22(a average of 19) can spawn asteroids level 9-29, this range will contain jade(8-11), titanium(12-15), amethyst(16-19), dysprosium(20-23), silver(24-27) and palladium(28-31). While you wont see as much jade or palladium because only part of their level range is spawn-able for the area used in this example.

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