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Hostile Space was a 2D MMORPG created in 1997 where you were the captain of your own ship. The game featured a large open world without loading screens  The original developers moved on to other projects and the Hostile Space forums and game servers were eventually shut down in 2010.

Hostile Space: Revived is a project that aims to fully recreate the experience many of us knew and loved. Everything has been redone for the modern era of gaming. The game now supports resolutions above the original 1024x768. Many of the graphics and resources you see in the game are fan created and include new features like ship animations.

Covered here are various topics for reference, and to help get you started in the galaxy of Hostile Space!

Getting Started

Covered here are various topics to get you started playing Hostile Space: Revived!

Cythris System

Video Tutorial


Hostile Space (Revived) Tutorial 1 - The Academy

Other Guides for New Players

Once you've mastered the basics and get out into the cosmos check out these other helpful guides.

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