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System Fabrications are created from Conduits, or by merging identical items with an appropriate or better upgrade kit to increase their attributes by 10% of base attribute . Attributes can be recovered as loot or salvaged off other items. Salvaging items merely requires a salvage kit of greater item level then the part you wish to dismantle into attributes. Old recipes do exist but are generally not very useful to most players. A quantum stone may be used to lower the chance of failure when crafting, or you can find another player with a higher skill to craft for you.

System A + System A + Upgrade kit = +1 System A

System Mold + Conduit +(1 to 4) different attributes = System(Shield, Sensor, Computer, Device, Plates) with the applied attributes.

Molds Drop at most levels of the game particularly in the Scythe and Tvy zones, and attributes drop throughout the game at appropriate strengths.


Weapons fabrications upgrade for +10% of base damage using 2 of the exact same weapon, or Combing Molecular Coils and Ballistic Frameworks from Salvage or Drops with the appropriate Conduit.

To upgrade open your fabrication window and click upgrade, put in both weapons, the kit, and possibly a quantum stone to lower skill check if needed. Store Bought Weapons and gear cannot be Plussed, Salvaged or stoned. If you unsure what upgrade kit you need put the Weapon in your cargo and click activate. This will tell you the minimal level of Upgrade kit you need to use.

Weapon A + Weapon A + Kit (+ Quantum stone)= +1 Weapon A

To fabricate a weapon, Open your fabrication window and click conduit. Add your Coil/Framework, your desired type of weapon mold, the correct level of conduit, a +skill Crystal if desired, and a Quantum stone to lower the skill check if needed.

Molecular Coil +(a Beam, Bolt, or Disruptor)Weapon Mold + Conduit = a Energy Weapon

Ballistic Framework +(a launcher or bay) Weapon Mold + Conduit = a Ballistic Weapon

Weapon Molds are found as drops through most levels of the game, but notably in the early zones of Scythe and Tvy.

Munitions: Fuels and Ores

Higher quality fuels give power regeneration, and are used in a variety of upper level munitions crafting(see Munitions(skill) for more information). Tritanium is currently the only craft-able ore.


Stones are used to modify weapons and gear. However note that weapons may only have 1 effect, Minimum delays of 24 for energy weapons and 34 for ballistic weapons still apply, gear can only have up to 4 attributes, weapons under 24 delay can't be stoned and all items can only be stoned once.

You can upgrade stones to the next grade (Basic<Ex<Xo<Za) by putting 5 of the same stone in the combine window, doing so does not have a skill requirement, the Ord Mu and Ark Ir stones are bought at the planet rigel prime.

Stone Slot attribute Basic Ex Xo Za prefix
Um Dro Weapon damage +5% +10% +15% +20% Amplified
Ord Mu Weapon damage -1 -3 -5 -7 Diminished
Ri Kra Weapon deley -2 -4 -6 -8 Efficient
Ark Ir Weapon delay +1 +3 +5 +7 Eroded
Qi Yol Weapon Random Offensive Effect Dire
To Dru Weapon Random Defensive Effect Imbued
Vog To System crew regen +3 +5 +7 +10 Healing
Xen Ra System ship armor +3 +6 +9 +12 Armored
Lor XI System power +50 +80 +150 +250 Powered
Tri Wo System haste +3 +5 +7 +9 Swift
Lin Xa System shields +25 +50 +80 +120 Shielded
Rei Zi System defense +15 +30 +50 +90 Defensive
Lun Gi System offense +15 +30 +50 +90 Offensive
Qov Hi System resilience +10 +20 +35 +50 Resilient
Nin Ki


sensors +30 +40 +90 +120 Perceptive
Sar Ti System psi +25 +50 +80 +120 Psionic
Xru Vo System hull +20 +30 +70 +90 Reliable
Uel Po System power regen +3 +5 +7 +10 Recharging
Wor Ia System hull regen +3 +5 +7 +10 Regenerating
Dro Xa System psi regen +3 +5 +7 +10 Meditative
Qi Yol possible effects
name cost effect effect ID
Energy Blast 30 power direct attack 1100
Poisonous Cloud 40 power lowers targets crew regen 1101
Illusionary Foes 20 power lowers the targets offense and defense 1102
Blistering Steel 40 power lowers the targets hull regen 1103
To Dru possible effects
name cost effect effect ID
Armored Aura 50 power increases armor 1200
Steel Aura 50 power increases defense 1201
Mending Aura 30 power increases hull regeneration 1202
Energizing Aura 30 power increases power regeneration 1203
Haste Aura 30 power increases weapon haste by 35% 1204
20003 Simple 1-11 20097 Bundled 11-21 20093 Insulated 21-31
20089 Optic 31-41 20086 Threaded 41-51 20082 Plated 51-61
20079 Phased 61-71 20076 Pulsing 71-81 20541 Resonating 81-91
20129 Fluctuating 91-101 20914 Atomic 101-111 20915 Quantumn 111-121
20916 Flux 121-131 21985 Neutrino 131-141 21982 Bradyonic 141-151
76965 Tachyonic 151-161 69047 Boson 161-171 Gravitino 171-181
69287 Quark 181-191 142816 191-201 142816 Neutralino 201-211
211-221 221-231 143775 Axion 231-241
241-251 143883 Tetraquark 251-261 261-271
143855 Conduit 271-281 143843 Zino 281-291 291-301

Alpha Fabrications

alpha fabrications are from the old system please see the alpha fabrication page for more information