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True space medics, Engineers can transform a wounded and lifeless ship into a battle ready juggernaut. Specializing in Hull Regen, Hull Repair and restoring crew Engineers specialize in outlast their opponents. Vital in the fight against any powerful foe, these skilled technicians keep their allies in one piece but offer little in the way of offensive strength.



This is your key ability because it allows you shrug off interruptions and continue supporting your allies or yourself.


This is of limited use to most Engineers.


Some Engineers take this for extra defense or offense while leveling.

Key Attrbiutes

Power Regen

Having Energy to cast your abilities is key, this Attribute ensures you recover more then enough to spam repair and still recover power.


Have enough power to cast your largest spell, and maybe a little more, most power will come from Drive upgrades.

Ship Armor

Ship Armor provides extra hull and damage reduction allowing you to survive longer.

Crew Regen

Crew Regen helps keep you performing at 100 percent even while taking damage without having to heal your crew.


Decreases the variable damage range of enemies' attacks. Opposed by enemy Offense.


Helps prevent getting interrupted and with resisting enemy abilities.


Repair Skills

Learned Name Effect Cost Aftercast
1 Repair Heals target ship's hull for based on your Repair rank. 50 Energy 5 Seconds
8 Disable Immobilizes a hostile ship for up to 30? seconds. 40 Energy 4 seconds
8 Droid Mk1 Summons Mk1 Bolt Droid to attack your foes until killed. 275 Energy 6 Seconds
16 Tech Advice Grants AoE Hull Regen to nearby allies for 100 Seconds. 20 Energy None
34 Countermeasures Grants AoE Dodge increase to nearby allies for 4 minutes and 34 seconds. 375 Power None
75 Technical Prominence Grants AoE Strength increase to nearby allies for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 375 Power None
78 Endure Grants increased Offense and Defense for 55 seconds. 150 Power None
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