Commands here will list both chat commands that can be entered through chat with /, !, or hotkeys that are not set by the player(most of which also have a chat command.

command discription
1 allows you to talk in the /1 chat channel use /set1 [name] to set a channel
2 allows you to talk in the /2 chat channel use /set2 [name] to set a channel
a allows you to talk in the auction chat channel this channel shows as green text
about will open the about window which shows extra information such as version and dependencies this window also contains a link to the forums and changelogs
accept accepts clan invitation.
afk switches you from/to afk mode.
anon switches you from/to anonymous mode. while anon is on you cannot recive clan invites, it also hides your level(does not hide the tier) and location on /who
artifacts tells you where the artifacts are located. while these are normally located in a clan base they can be moved anywhere this command can be used to find them when they have been hidden
ask asks ship computer about players, stellar objects, actions, psions and manuevers.
attack attacks selected target. this can also be done by either right clicking the target or pressing shift+t
bases tells you the status of clan bases. information includes who holds the base, bonus regen and how long until the shield goes down


allows you to manage your bookmarks, options window has a gui for this if you do not wish to use chat commands. making a bookmark will allow you to set custom places for /nav, if a system/planet has the same name it will goto that instead of the bookmark you set so be sure to check that its a unique name.
bounty sets a bounty on a player

/bounty [player] [amount]

the minimum bounty you can set is 2000 and must be a multiple of 2000 f.e. you can set 4000 but not 3000
break stops you from attacking your target you can also use shift+b to stop attacking, note that this only stops you from attacking and not your entity or droid



'/browser URL' opens URL in your default browser. If URL wont start with 'http', it will automatically add 'http://'.
bsp /bsp info, /bsp init, /bsp matrix, /bsp x [num], /bsp y [num], /bsp xy [num] Background space parallax system.
buy opens the buy window for the selected shop
c allows you to talk in clan chat must be in a clan to use this channel
calc '/calc [equation|operator|operators] [angle]' to calculate an 'equation', displaying details of operator 'operator' or showing a list of supported operators.

Possible 'operators' values are: op, operator, operators, ops, stx, syn and syntax.

Supported angles: deg and rad.

calcweapon '/calcweapon [damage] [delay] [plus]' calculates useful weapon stats like level and DPS.

All values must be numbers greater zero, or it will end in an error. Plus is optional, 0 by default and must be between 1 and 9 when used. Remember that you can only calculate plus correctly when the input data is based on plus 0.

cancel cancel's a trade request
chan can be used to turn chat channels on and off channels can also be turned on and off through the options window


used to cast psions and maneuvers at one point they were separate commands, now they both do the same thing
changeclass allows you to change class once you are at-lest level80

/changeclass [PWD] [PWD]

Your level and your distributable stat points will be reset. any spent development points will be lost and most skills will reset to 1.

the mining, weapons, systems and munitions skill will not reset

changepassword this will change the characters password /changepassword NEW NEW OLD


/chatfilter [on|off] toggles chat filter on/off



tells you a random chuck norris joke pulls from a list of jokes on
clan shows clan details like leader name, member count, base timer and artifact bonuses.
clancreate '/clancreate TAG' creates a new clan with clan tag 'TAG'. You need to be at least level 10 to do this

the tag is what shows next to the members name

clandemote '/clandemote player' demotes 'player' in clan to a lower rank. You need to be clan leader to do this.
clandrop '/clandrop player' drops 'player' out of clan. You need to have at least a clan rank that is higher than lieutenant to do this.
claninvite '/claninvite player' invites 'player' to clan. You need to have at least a clan rank that is higher than lieutenant to do this.
clanleader '/clanleader player' promotes 'player' to the clan leader. You need to be clan leader to do this.
clanlist returns a list of clan members that are currently online.
clanlongname '/clanlongname name' sets the current clan name to 'name'.
clanpromote '/clanpromote player' promotes 'player' in clan to a higher rank. You need to have at least the clan officer rank to do this.
clanremove removes your character from clan.
clanres shows clan resources like origin and artifact positions.
clanreturn teleports you to the clan base. You must be clan member and your clan must own a clan base.
clear portrait resets your character portrait. the next time you log into the character you will have to select a new portrait
clientlog turns client message logging on/off. This is only useful for debugging purposes!
computer toggles ship panels also has a hotkey on TAB and shift+i


'/countdown [seconds] [done]' does a countdown for 'seconds' and shows 'done' after finish.The parameter 'seconds' must be a number between 3 and 20. Default: 3The parameter 'done' will be 'GO!' by default.


turns damage text on/off.
date shows current date.
ddate shows the current discordian date or the discordian date of 'day', 'month' and 'year'.
decline declines clan invitation.
detailed scan


performs a detailed scan on target. must have a planet or asteroid selected
disband leaves current group or declines a group invitation.





sends a distress beacon with a range of 1 quadrant.


opens the paypal donation page donations help keep the servers running
dropbuf /dropbuf [name] removes buff [name] from your character
editor '/editor item' opens item editor to create a new item.'/editor item ID' opens item editor to edit or create item #'ID'.

'/editor item import ID' opens item editor to import from file item.'ID'.txt. '/editor item import combined LINE' opens item editor to import from items.txt at line 'LINE'. 'LINE' begins with 0 and is set to 1 by default, because line 0 is always the headline comment.

em /em text allows you to talk in third person
examine examines selected target. also has a hotkey on shift+e


opens the quit window adding force to either command will close the client immediately
export /export [html|json|text]

/export json [nice|compact]

exports all commands to html/json/text

exports all commands to json with formatting option. By default the formatting will be 'nice'.

f allows you to talk in faction channel Faction channel must be enabled to use this command.
fabricate opens the fabrication window
filter lists various commands to enable/disable chat filters can also be toggled from the options window under the filter tab


/flyingdamage [on|off] toggles flying damage on or off
follow follows selected target you must be grouped with the target
forum '/forum' opens forum in your default browser. '/forum [ID]' opens forum topic by given ID in your default browser.

'/forum [[cat|category|forum]|post|topic] [ID] opens (cat/category/forum)/post/topic by given ID in your default browser.

may have to be logged into the forums
g allows you to talk in group chat must be in a group
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